Body Fat Loss Tips

Body Fat loss tips that have worked for me and my clients, being consistent and working hard to archive your goals is the only way these tips will equal results.

  • Sleep more than 6. And try to get to bed around the same time each night. Quality of sleep matters, too; Avoid eating or drinking alcohol right before bed as both can disrupt sleep.
  • Eat before you’re hungry, and average 3-4 meals a day. Aim for more well-rounded meals that will allow you to use the fuel you have in your body (fat) as an energy source. Before and after workout periods should have some nutrition (protein and fruit) that will fuel you throughout and help you recover.
  • Do not avoid fruits and vegetables. Yes, they have small amounts of sugar in them, but strategically placed after a workout or as dessert (instead of a calorie-bomb sundae) wins out every time.
  • Eat a hearty breakfast, mostly protein and healthy fat. Have a healthy lunch, protein, healthy fat, and greens as ‘carbs’. Dinner consists of protein and vegetables. Keep it Simple, really!
  • Do NOT be scared of fat. If you are avoiding carbohydrates then you need to increase your fat calories (extra-virgin olive oil, fish, grass-fed beef, nuts, avocado) in order to prevent your metabolism from coming to a screeching halt.
  • DO NOT follow a diet/cleanse/workout program. LIFESTYLE MANAGEMENT!
  • Pay attention to how dairy makes you feel: if you feel bloated after yogurt, avoid it. Cottage cheese though, is a different type (much more whey, remember Miss Tuffet?). Same with skim or 1% milk.
  • Going out with friends for drinks? Try having 2-3 glasses of water before, and you will find yourself less thirsty (especially in hot weather) and forced to drink alcoholic beverages for ‘hydration’.
  • Watch your carb intake, and manage your blood sugar. Keep your blood sugar steady and you will be SHOCKED at your progress.
  • DRINK LESS ALCOHOL: No, alcohol alone cannot make you fat; however, it won’t make you lose fat. Alcohol delays the metabolism of fat in the liver, usually at the rate of 1 hour per drink. So if you have 6 drinks or more in a given evening, your liver will slow the rate of fat metabolism to a crawl in order to break down the alcohol you just drank. If you drink more than 6 drinks 4 days a week, consider this: for 24 hours your body is not metabolizing fat each week, or 4 days/month, or 48 days per year. That’s a lot of fat storage!
  • CHICKEN: You can never have too much chicken. For years bodybuilders, athletes and physique experts have touted anything from a chicken as staples in their daily routines and for good reason. Low fat, low calorie, high protein, high nutrient, and low toxicity

Some examples:

Meal #1 - Broccoli + 2-3 eggs + avocado + one corn tortilla + water or coffee

Meal #2 - fish, beef, turkey or chicken + spinach or broccoli + optional one sweet potato

Meal #3 - fish, beef, turkey or chicken + salad + avocado + beans + optional one corn tortilla
Meal #4 - fish, beef, turkey or chicken + lots of vegetable + one fruit + avocado

Snack# 1 - natural peanut butter + apple or better

Snack#2 - a handful of almonds/nuts

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