Easy Nutrition Tips for Your Busiest Clients

Working as a trainer isn't as easy as it seems. Fitness is about more than just finding the right workout routine — it's about creating a lifestyle that clients can follow consistently. Previously, we talked about the importance of meeting your client where they are in our article on 'Setting Goals Your Clients Can Stick To'. If your clients aren't armed with the right kind of knowledge and expectations, they can become discouraged and lose motivation.

The same goes for nutrition. Your clients might think that it's easy to just do a few reps and call it a day, but if they aren't giving their bodies the right fuel all that work can go down the drain. Proper nutrition is essential not only for short-term fitness goals, but for long-term health and wellness.

Unfortunately, not all clients are aware of what they should or shouldn't be eating. To make this easier, we've prepared a list of food options that can help even your busiest clients meet their fitness and nutrition goals. Take a look at the list below, and see how you can start integrating these options into your next session.


Protein is one of the first food options that come to mind when fitness is discussed. It's essential not only for muscle growth and strength, but also repair as well.

Luckily, protein supplements have grown in popularity and availability, so it's not hard for someone to whip up a quick protein shake before and after the gym. If your clients want other options, though, Healthline has a list of high protein snacks that are both healthy and portable.

They can try some simple hard-boiled eggs, jerky, or more fun options like energy bites. The important thing is to let them know that they have no-fuss, portable options for protein sources that they can definitely fit into their lifestyles.

Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are another thing you need to emphasize with your clients when it comes to nutrition. It's important that they understand why these fats are so important, and the best sources for them.

SELF has outlined several healthy fat options, some of which are ideal for busier people. If your clients have no access to sources like avocado, for example, they can opt to go for seed butters with natural sugars and no preservatives or additives. Two tablespoons of peanut butter, eaten with toast or apple slices, are a quick and easy way to get the healthy fat they need with little to no fuss.


Probiotics are essential for proper gut health. Your clients may not be aware that a healthy digestive system means that the human body is better able to absorb nutrients, as well as defend against sickness.

Yogurt and other fermented foods are some popular sources for probiotics, and might already be a part of your clients' diets. You can also suggest that they take the supplement route. The ACV gummies from Brightcore are a convenient, portable option. These gummies are made from organic apples and can boost your digestive health, as well as help you manage blood sugar levels.


Carbs are often the most misunderstood food, and it's not too hard to understand why. Although carbs are essential for energy, processed and refined carbohydrates can cause blood sugar level swings because they lack fiber and are digested too quickly. Healthy carb sources include vegetables, beans, and fruits.

Most of these whole food options might take a little time to cook and prepare, however. Thus, it's important to provide your clients with carb options that are easy to find and eat on the go. Everyday Health recommends whole wheat bread, which is a solid, fiber-rich foundation for a sandwich. In fact, any whole grain option like pasta or roti is a good, portable source for good carbs and fiber.

By Kirsten Gonzales

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