Hight-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training comprises a combination of high-intensity exercises while possessing short periods of rest in alteration. This type of training boosts your calorie burn and your cardio respiratory type of fitness. In simple words, HIIT helps you to become fit at a fast rate. However, if you are a beginner, you have to take help from any good personal trainer to start your exercise program without any hassle. Role of Personal Trainers to Impart and Manage HIIT Program :

  1. Help Clients to Stay Organized by Using the Right App Based on the introduction of high-intensity interval training, it is clear that it requires proper guidance from trainers. However, with a large number of fitness freaks/clients, managing their workout schedule is difficult. To overcome the challenge, trainers today use the innovative Training Notebook software. The main role of this software while imparting the HIIT program is to let the fitness freaks and trainers stay organized in a specific training program. In this way, trainees can focus on only result-driven exercises with proper recesses in between them.
  2. Inform Clients of the Types of Workouts

Before the commencement of a HIIT program, personal trainers inform their clients about the scope and types of workouts included in it. Accordingly-

  • Tabata training, which is of only four minutes but has specific parameters i.e. eight rounds of workout and each round is of 20 seconds. However, you get a rest period of 10 seconds before the beginning of any new round.
  • The circuit training comprises many strength-based exercises and it does not contain any rest period. Instead, you have to take a rest after the end of one circuit and that too lasts for only 30 seconds.
  • Other than this, you have to perform maximum numbers of reps of any specific exercise for a specified period as an important part of the HIIT program.
3. Give Valuable Tips to Step Ahead Easily

Once personal trainers inform the types of workouts and analyze the right exercises required for a fitness freak, they give the following valuable tips to start and move ahead with the HIIT program easily.

  1. Appropriate Schedule You must aim for two days in one week and a total of 15 minutes per session to start the HIIT program. You have to increase the time slowly as your body starts adapting to exercises but the total time should never exceed 30 minutes per day.
  2. Make Sure to Pace Yourself Properly HIIT involves a relatively more intense workout, because of which you have to pace yourself properly. Pacing is important to prevent all sorts of risks related to an injury. An easy way to start such workouts is to vary the workout intensity, adjust both rest and work periods, complete the duration of your workout and the number of exercises you want.
  3. Focus on Overall Body Movements
You have to focus on exercises, which will work your complete body at the right fitness level. You have to focus on press, squats, mountain climbers, and push-up moves to make the most of your HIIT program. Overall, personal trainers play vital roles in accomplishing HIIT programs for their clients. Hence, with consistent efforts and proper guidance from personal trainers, you will get your dream figure in a less possible period.

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