Personal Trainer Guide to Perform Exercise with Back Pain

Are you suffering from back pain because of any back injury or as a side effect of local anesthesia? Are you facing difficulty in your daily work and exercise because of your back pain? If yes, you must get a personal trainer guide, who will recommend certain exercises to ease your back pain. Even if you have difficulty visiting your nearby gym or fitness center, you may discuss your concern online with personal trainers available via The Training Notebook app. The app stores each detail of your exercise regimen, your diet plan, fitness plan, and similar others. Hence, you and your personal trainer both can track your progress easily.

Exercise 1-Partial Crunches

Partial crunches help you to strengthen your stomach and back muscles. To perform this, you have to lie by keeping your feet flat and your knees bent on the floor. You have to cross your arms on the chest and put your hands below your neck. Keep the stomach muscles tight, raise the shoulders and breathe out. Make sure your lower back, tailbone, and feet always touch the mat while you perform crunches.

Exercise 2-Hamstring Stretches

Personal trainers recommend you perform hamstring stretches to manage the problem of back pain. For this, you have to bend your knees and lie with your back support. Loop a towel below your foot. Keep your knee straight and pull back on the placed towel slowly. In this way, you experience a gentle stretch down your leg’s back. You have to perform this exercise up to 4 times for a single leg. To get the best results, you have to hold the position for about 15 seconds to 30 seconds.

Exercise 3-Wall Sits

Another recommendable exercise to ease back pain is wall sits. For this, trainers recommend you to stand at a distance of approximately 10 inches from the wall and lean back until it becomes flat to the wall. You have to slide down slowly until the knees bent slightly and press the lower back in the wall. Hold your count to up to 10 and slide back carefully.

Exercise 4-Press-up Back Extensions

A few of the personal trainers recommend you to perform press-up back extensions to manage your back pain. For this, you have to lie on the stomach by placing your hands below the shoulders. You have to push by using your hands so that the shoulders start lifting off the floor. If you find this exercise comfortable, you may even put the elbows directly on the floor below your shoulders and stay in this position for a few minutes.

Exercise 5-Bird Dog Exercise

If you want to stabilize your lower back while moving your legs and arms, you must try bird dog exercise. Start on your knees and hands by keeping the stomach muscles tight. Later, extend any one leg by lifting it behind you and hold your position for five seconds. Do the same procedure with your other leg and perform 10 reps.

Overall, there are many lower back pain exercises to strengthen your legs, stomach, and back muscles. You must discuss with a personal trainer before starting back pain exercises to relieve back pain and obtain spinal support.

By Hector Sanchez

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