Sell More Personal Training During the Summer Months

Summer is usually the time when most fitness facilities and trainers have a decline in business due to there client's heading out on vacations, going outdoors for their workouts, or just enjoying the summer weather with their family.

If you don’t want to this recurring problem, check out some simple tips on how to keep your Personal Training business running on all cylinders all summer long. If you run group classes, personal training, or online training, there shouldn't be a reason why your session count should suffer just because the weather gets nice and warm. Personal trainer and gym owners should always offer new and exciting services to keeps current clients interested and talking about your business to others.

Offer Summer Specials

During the slow season, it's a good idea to offer a 1-week free trial for either your online personal training, small group training, or fitness classes. Communicate with your clients via email, social media or even text messages. You can also incentivize your current clients by offering a discount to their membership, swag or add something to their membership.

Adding special offers during the slow months can really give your training business a boost it needs.

Summer Fitness Challenge

During the summer many clients tend to slack on diet and workouts, they rather get unlimited mimosas and go to a B.Q.Q's. Summertime is the best time to run a 4/6-week fitness challenge. Advertise on all of your social media channels, post flyers at your gym or around town. This can get you more clients during the slow season and get your active clients motivated to stick to their fitness goals. Some other challenges are gym Olympics, weight loss challenge, and some kind of exercise challenge.

Find a Race or Event to Keep Clients Motivated

During the summer there are a plethora of running races, triathlons and obstacle races that many of your clients would love to do. Many people want to do these races but don’t want to do it alone. Find a race and start a training program to get your clients ready for it. If it’s an obstacle race like a Tough Mudder you can develop a training program to get your clients ready for all the obstacles of the event. If it’s a 1/2 marathon you can develop a training program just for them, you get the idea.

I hope these ideas motivate you to be proactive during the summer months and help you create excitement around your personal training business.


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