T-Notebook News: iPhone and Android apps are coming very soon

New iPhone and Android apps and a SURVEY for the future.

After listening to your responses in our last survey, we spent the first half of the year doing a lot of research and development so you can have the best software to train your clients.

Our #1 goal is to help you easily manage your business so you can keep your clients happy

As an NYC personal trainer myself and talking to many of you I understand all the challenges you face throughout the day. I remember training an avg of 6 clients a day plus an assessment here and there and having to organize everything in a clipboard. I hate ???? printing out Excel spreadsheets and organizing all the paperwork.

I made the T-Notebook, so you won't be as frustrated as I was with all the paperwork. Training and getting new clients is hard enough don't let all the paperwork slow you down.

And soon you'll be able to train clients with your iPhone or Android phone. ????
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