The Rise of the Fitness Female Fitfluencer

CrossFit has inspired many women to strength training instead of just doing cardio classes and lifting light weights. The result of the strength training has resulted in well-developed physics and they love to show off their results.

Fitness trends like bodybuilding and Bikini sports have not come close anywhere near the attraction Crossfit has.

One reason that seems to be a game-changer for many women is that the focus is no longer purely on how they look. The main reason is all about improving your performance. They want to move more weight, be able to perform bodyweight gymnastics movements and finish WOD’s faster.

The athletic/fit looking body is the direct aftereffect of the hard work and effort. Women, for the most part, respond well to high volume training.

Crossfit has greatly influenced females to get into weight training. Another thing that CrossFit specializes in is providing a sense of community and promotes a healthy diet.

Regardless of what your opinion of Crossfit is, it's undeniable that Crossfit has introduced strength training to men and woman that would never have picked up barbells and kettlebells.

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