Time To Reinvent Yourself


Are you training clients online yet? 


If you are not training clients online by now, get on it before you get left behind. 


Personal training will never be the same after the Convid-19 and when the pandemic is over your clients will start working out at gyms AND at home. Your clients will be used to online personal training and getting home workouts from their personal trainer and you should be ready for it.


Silver lining - I think personal training and personal trainers will deliver a better service when this pandemic is over.   


Online training was one day going to be an intricate part of all gyms and personal trainers' revenue stream but the pandemic has sped up the process. 


Personal training has not kept up with today's technology, But because of Convid-19 trainers are now using Zoom, Skype and Instagram TV to train clients and using Stripe, PayPal, and Venmo to collect payments. 3 months ago only a small percentage of personal trainers were doing online training. 


How do successful online personal trainers train their clients? 


Successful online personal trainers give free content, post multiple times per day on social media, consistently message their clients, email workouts and check-in on clients to make sure they are putting in the work.


This is what I have noticed good online personal trainers are doing during this pandemic.


  • Post 10-20 Instagram stories per day

  • Host 1 to 2 free workouts per week

  • Free or donation live workouts

  • PT's share their personal life on social media

  • Answer fitness or nutrition question every day

  • Post on TikTok funny or informative videos 

  • Have ready-made videos on YouTube to show how to do an exercise or a full workout. 

  • Post invitations to get their followers to take action and join their workouts

  • Post motivational quotes and messages


We at The Training Notebook are also pivoting to Online Training. Our last update included a way for personal trainers to email a PAR-Q link to clients so your clients can fill out an intake form on their own.


We are also quickly building a new T-Notebook client app that will sync with your trainer app that will include the following features:


  • Clients will be able to edit, add workouts and assessment to their account

  • Clients will be able to communicate with you via in-app text messages so you can exchange photos, videos, and text files. 

  • Trainer/client session package tracking system 


We know you could use these features today so we are doing our best to get it done as soon possible and we hope to release it by the end of May 2020. 


What features do you want us to add? What would make your job a little easier?


I am here to help


T-Notebook Founder

Hector Sanchez


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